Smartphone company using our microphone for advertising

Smartphone company utilizing our microphone for advertising

Yes, I am sure that Smartphone company utilizing our microphone for advertising purpose.

Technology 21st century

In this era of technology smartphone makers are emerging at their peak level and they are gaining huge customers.

Especially Chinese smartphone manufacturers are growing rapidly in India.

As we all know, any company which are having the number of audience (customer) that creates a huge platform for advertising. For example, Facebook having audience (users) about 2.4 billion.

About Facebook advertisement

And Facebook revenue through advertising is $17.4 billion (approx. 1.2 lakh crores) – Report Oct 30 2019.

They know that they can create much revenue by advertising ads to their smartphones and we are very familiar with the bloatware which we get with every Chinese smartphone.

Personal experience

Let me tell you my story, one day I was using my smartphone and was talking to my friend about Middle birth rules of railway trains.

And then he told me that there is timing in which the traveler can open their middle birth and have their sleep.

When the discussion was over, I was again using my smartphone.

Guess what? I saw the ad “Middle birth rule of Railway trains”, What the heck!

I know that I haven’t searched the topic before but how I got this ad and that totally shocked me.

As we know they uses our cookies for advertising but they are now heading towards our microphone records our conversation and analyses for advertising.

I also checked for useless apps and scanned with antivirus but I didn’t find anything.

Also we can not trust antiviruses I have already written a blog about Avast harvesting user data through their browser plugin. See this post it will help you to remain safe and updated.

List of apps that I use- Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram, Airtel, Chrome, Mi Fit, Share it, Snaptube, Xender, Story saver, AliExpress, Flud. None of my Apps are third party excluding Snaptube.

Now, you all think, a day will come, what we are talking about that will be recorded by our smartphone and we will see the same ad which we were talking about. Sounds good isn’t it?

I have seen this twice.

So, it’s a big concern of privacy safety, be safe because our privacy is our privacy no matter what our status is, we not allow any anyone to listen to our private conversations.

Hope you all understand and will take precautions.

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