Thanos finger snap for Google search result.

We all know who is Thanos the greatest fictional supervillain appearing in Marvels comic books and movies.

Recently the movie Avengers where we saw Thanos snapping finger that made half the population of the earth disappear.

So, here I got a new trick that you can easily use it to snap google.

Isn’t this sounds amazing, yes its amazing. You can use this trick to snap search result of google.

Type “Thanos” in google search box and hit enter.

You will see Infinity Gauntlet right.

Infinity Gauntlet snap
Image source – GOOGLE

Click this image and you snapped the search result.

infinity gauntlet snap  (MOUSE CLICK)
Image source – GOOGLE
ALl search result got disappeared
Image source – GOOGLE

When all the search result gets disappeared then again click that image that will make the search result appear again.

when clicked on infinity gauntlet all result appeared.
Image source – GOOGLE

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