The Top 6 Best AI Video Editing Software for 2023

Nowadays, in the digital realm, video has emerged as an indispensable instrument for advertisers to captivate and establish connections with their target audience. As per the Video Marketing Survey of 2022 conducted by the esteemed WyzeOwl, an astonishing 86% of businesses presently employ video marketing.

Moreover, a considerate number of marketers affirm that enthralling customers through videos plays a pivotal role in the triumph of their campaigns. With the soaring demand for video content, it becomes imperatively crucial to select the apt video editing software that facilitates effortless creation of refined, top-notch videos. Simultaneously, it is prudent to explore the finest artificial intelligence (AI) video editing tools accessible in the market.

In this contemporary epoch of cutting-edge digital technology, revolutionary AI video editing software applications have completely transformed the process of video editing. These ingenious tools automatize a multitude of tasks by implementing AI algorithms that amplify the visual allure of your content.

By impeccably adjusting lighting, colors, and other crucial components, these software programs make it seamlessly effortless for you to generate mesmerizing videos. Furthermore, AI video editing software possesses the remarkable capability to effectively select, trim, restructure, and flawlessly merge footage, ensuring a concise and coherent narrative or flow. By integrating special effects and transitions, you have the opportunity to infuse your final product with a spritz of ingenuity and creativity

When selecting an AI video editing software, it is crucial to consider the specific attributes and functionalities that coincide with your needs. Here are the primary factors to take into account:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure that the software you opt for can proficiently modify the video layout of your camera and is harmonious with your operating system (Windows or Apple). Moreover, scrutinize if it seamlessly operates with your other devices such as camera, webcam, drone camera, microphone, screen recorder, or gaming console.
  2. User-Friendliness: Choose software that corresponds to your video editing aptitude and familiarity. Seek out interfaces that are user-friendly and workflows that are intuitive. Perusing reviews and user feedback will assist you in ascertaining the appropriate brand and version that suits your skill set.
  3. Cost: Contemplate your financial plan and the pricing schemes proposed by different software providers. While some tools present free versions or basic plans, others offer superior attributes at elevated subscription levels. Leverage free trials or basic plans to assess the capabilities of the software prior to committing to a paid plan.

Lets see Top 7 video editing apps and study them.

1. Wisecut: Automate Your AI Video Editing Process

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Wisecut is an innovative video editing program that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and speech recognition technology to assist you in swiftly producing and refining videos. This software surpasses conventional editing functions by providing specialized tools tailored for popular social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels. Whether you aspire to enhance explainer videos, video presentations, tutorials, or product demonstrations, Wisecut can optimize your video creation workflow while ensuring exceptional output quality. Click here for proven ways to generate website traffic. This could be your Best AI Video Editing tool.

Features of Wisecut

  • Automatic elimination of unnecessary pauses in videos for a seamless viewing experience.
  • Generation of auto captions and translations to enhance accessibility and reach a wider audience.
  • Addition of suitable background music tracks to create a more engaging atmosphere.
  • Transcription of the video content to facilitate easy rearrangement of scenes and text.
  • AI and Facial Recognition technology for dynamic zoom effects.
  • Conversion of long-form videos into shorts suitable for social media platforms.


Wisecut offers a free plan with limited features. For more advanced functionality, you can choose from their paid plans:

  • Starter Plan: $10/month (billed annually)
  • Professional Plan: $29/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized plans tailored to your specific needs.

2. Descript: Edit and Transcribe Videos in One Place (AI Video Editing Tool)

Descript AI Video Editing Software
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Descript is an incredible tool for modifying videos that includes integrated transcription features, which is perfect for creators who value streamlined editing processes. With Descript, you have the ability to capture, convert, and revise your videos all within a single platform, ultimately saving you valuable time and energy. Additionally, this software provides a diverse selection of drag-and-drop templates and stock resources to elevate the visual allure of your videos. Take advantage of this opportunity to access complimentary video editing software. Unveil the finest AI Video Editing tool today.

Features of Descript

  • Automatic removal of unnecessary filler words for a more concise video.
  • Transcription of videos in multiple languages for global reach.
  • Built-in screen recorder for capturing your screen during presentations or tutorials.
  • Noise reduction to improve audio quality.
  • Extensive library of social media clips and templates.
  • “Overdub” feature for replacing sections of your recording with your own voice or a stock voice.


Descript offers two paid plans:

  • Creator Plan: $12 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Pro Plan: $24 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized plans based on your specific requirements.

3. Invideo: Create Stunning Videos in Minutes (AI Video Editing Tool)

Invideo AI Video Editing Software
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Invideo is a properly-preferred video manufacturing and enhancing software empowered by means of AI that allows people to generate awesome films in just a rely of minutes. Through its intuitive interface and huge selection of customizable templates, Invideo grants both novices and seasoned editors smooth access to the video modifying adventure. This device lets in you to reduce, turn, rotate, merge clips, and upload text, motion pix, transitions, icons, overlays, and mask on your movies, providing you with full innovative manage. This can be your Best AI Video Editing tool.

Features of Invideo

  • User-friendly editing features such as clip manipulation and text overlay.
  • Extensive library of motion graphics, transitions, icons, overlays, and masks.
  • Manual adjustment of color saturation, hue, and brightness for precise video correction.
  • Integration with popular social media platforms for seamless sharing.
  • Collaboration features for team-based editing projects.


Invideo offers a free plan with limited features. For more advanced functionality, you can choose from their paid plans:

  • Business Plan: $15/month (billed annually)
  • Unlimited Plan: $30/month (billed annually)
  • Lifetime Business Plan: $399 (one-time payment)

4. Lumen5: Convert Your Ideas into Captivating Videos (AI Video Editing Tool)

Lumen5 AI Video Editing Software
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Lumen5 is an AI-based totally video advent platform that provides built-in editing capabilities. It affords a seamless manner to trim, resize, rotate, and crop your movies in only a few seconds. With its sizable collection of issues, fonts, and brand kits, Lumen5 empowers you to craft captivating and individualized videos that completely suit your emblem identity. This platform proves to be relatively on hand whilst it comes to remodeling weblog posts and articles into visually placing motion pictures. This will be your Best AI Video Editing device.

Features of Lumen5

AI-based totally video enhancer for robotically improving video excellent.

Conversion of weblog posts and articles into videos readily.

Quick and smooth enhancing functions for cropping, rotating, trimming, and resizing videos.

Customizable video templates to fit your logo identification.

Support for more than one report formats and clean sharing alternatives.


Lumen5 offers 3 pricing plans:

Basic Plan: $19 USD in step with month (billed every year)

Starter Plan: $fifty nine USD consistent with month (billed yearly)

Professional Plan: $149 USD per month (billed every year)

Enterprise Plan: Customized plans tailor-made in your particular requirements.

5. Adobe Premiere Pro: Professional Editing with AI Video Editing Assistance

Adobe Premiere Pro AI Video Editing Software
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Adobe Premiere Pro is a video modifying software that is extensively utilized and it boasts the mixing of AI generation with the help of its built-in device named Adobe Sensei. This tremendous device has the ability to robotically produce modifying functionalities together with noise discount, speech enhancement, and vehicle ducking. By doing so, it simplifies the entire editing procedure and ultimately saves your precious time. In addition, Adobe Premiere Pro gives a big selection of advanced features consisting of face reputation tools, motion tracking era, and AI-powered textual content styling gear, allowing you to craft dazzling cinematic films that depart an enduring effect. This will be your Best AI Video Editing device.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

AI-powered enhancing capabilities for noise discount, speech enhancement, and automobile ducking.

Face reputation tools for efficient employer and modifying.

Motion monitoring generation for precise item tracking.

Built-in AI-powered text styling tools for creative titles and captions.

Seamless integration with other Adobe Creative Cloud applications.


Adobe Premiere Pro gives a subscription-primarily based pricing version, with plans beginning at approximately $54.Ninety nine USD in line with month for the every year subscription.

6. Designs AI Video Editing: Bring Your Text Scripts to Life

Designs AI Video Maker
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Designs AI Video Maker is a versatile video creation and modifying device that utilizes AI era to transform your textual content scripts into engaging movies with beautiful results, transitions, and animations. Whether you’re an influencer, educator, or small business owner, Designs AI Video Maker assist you to create and put up thrilling films in your social media handles, enterprise websites, or blogs. With features like sensible voiceovers, customizable video templates, and brand customization alternatives, Designs AI Video Maker allows you to create professional-exceptional films in minutes.

If you happen to be an influencer, a instructor, or a owner of a small enterprise, the amazing technology of Designs AI Video Maker has the potential to assist you in generating and disseminating captivating films throughout your diverse social media structures, business websites, and weblogs. By using loads of spectacular attributes such as realistic voiceovers, adaptable video templates, and the ability to tailor your logo, Designs AI Video Maker empowers you to fabricate films of incredible first-class in a depend of mere minutes. This can be your Best AI Video Editing tool.

Features of Designs AI Video Maker

  • Conversion of text scripts into realistic voiceovers in multiple languages, pitches, and tones.
  • Transformation of text scripts into visually appealing videos with captivating effects and animations.
  • AI-powered video maker, design maker, logo maker, and copywriter for comprehensive video creation.
  • Customization options to match your brand colors and logos.


Designs AI Suite offers a range of pricing plans:

  • Basic Plan: $19 per month ($228 if billed yearly)
  • Pro Plan: $49 per month ($588 if billed yearly)
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized plans tailored to your specific requirements.

Record & Edit Unlimited Videos For Free With Vmaker

Do you need to record, edit, and percentage your movies consequences? Look no in addition than Vmaker. Vmaker is a consumer-pleasant display recorder and online video editor that permits you to record, edit, host, and share an unlimited amount of webinars, tutorials, suggests, meetings, and product demos. With 4K HD superb recording and a plethora of cool features, Vmaker is your circulate-to device for developing expert movies. This is probably your Best AI Video Editing device.


In end, AI video editing software has transformed the manner we create and edit videos, making the process faster, more green, and reachable to all and sundry. Whether you’re a amateur or an experienced editor, there may be a extensive variety of AI video modifying gear to be had to suit your desires. Consider the compatibility, ease of use, fee, functionalities, and customer support while selecting the right software program to your tasks. With the help of AI technology, you can enhance your motion pictures and take your content introduction to new heights. So, pick the best AI video enhancing software program that aligns along with your necessities and begin developing lovely videos today!

Disclaimer: The information furnished in this text is based totally on research and does now not represent professional recommendation. Prices and functions stated are concern to exchange. Please go to the respective software program providers’ web sites for the most up to date data.

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